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Premio Internazionale per la SostenibilitÃ
Shrinkage Worldwide Awards 2007
Premio Internazionale per la SostenibilitÃ
scadenza 19/11/2007

That promotes shrinkage culture in our dailylives and in our professional Thoughts + Actions

The SF would hereby like to invite you to enter into the Shrinkage Worldwide Awards.

The goal of the awards is to seed and cultivate our shared desire for a better world. The result of the Shrinkage Worldwide Awards are multi-disciplinary, multi-use posters which explore, divulge, foster, sensitise and awaken both shrinkage culture and experience.

The completion of the Shrinkage Worldwide Awards will build the foundation for the realization of a unique, informative and educative art and design experience which contributes to the momentum of a sustainable future by providing an experience that provokes and stretches the minds of its viewers.

ELIGIBILITY This is an international award open to anyone with design ideas inspired by shrinkage culture. Enter alone or in a group. Collaborative and multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged, i.e. a designer and a scientist, or designer and a journalist.

PRIZES Finalist-winning entries will be chosen at the jury’s discretion and announced enter 28 December 2007. The entries will be showcased at SAP(Seeschau Art Pavilion) in Zürich and at major art and science institutions.

REQUIREMENTS Submit as many entries as you’d like; send a separate submittal form and entry fee 30 EUR, and 20 EUR students (for each entry). Entries are due by Monday, November 19, 2007.

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