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Potogroup and the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia present an open architectural ideas competition: poto: type. This competition will question the emerging typology originating in Vancouver’s downtown area: podium/tower typology.

The podium/tower typology evolved as a response to the cities’ desire to intensify its downtown area by increasing the number of residential units while maintaining pedestrian-friendly streetscapes. Proliferation of this architectural mono-type could potentially create social and economic disparateness while weakening neighborhood identities.

Potogroup makes an invitation to the participants to explore, rethink, question and experiment with new ideas that will challenge the concept of the podium/tower. This investigation should encompass formal, programmatic, social and cultural aspects of this specific type. The projects should challenge the logic of the present, formulate new questions, and facilitate variations that will allow new potentials for living and existing in the city. Poto:type should investigate both macro and micro scale as well as examine the notion of ”vertical sprawl”.

Architects, intern architects, designers and creative thinkers all around are encouraged to take part in this challenge to reinvent the ubiquitous Vancouver poto:type and explore viable alternatives for urban densification.

The criterion is to explore alternate solutions to the mixed-use/residential typology currently prevalent in Vancouver, with a typical density of FSR 8, and a fictitious site of 120’x600’ with a 300’ ceiling and 4 storey street edge typical of a comprehensive development. It is the competitor’s prerogative to depart from these criteria and propose a project outside these zoning bylaws, but should the entry wish to work within these parameters, competitors may look at the guidelines of the City of Vancouver Comprehensive Developments (CD-1).

Regardless, all proposals should attempt to incorporate social, regional, economic, technical, and aesthetic elements into the final solution.

eligibility This is an open ideas competition. Architects, intern architects, designers and creative thinkers all around are invited to submit proposals. Entrants will be able to participate individually or in groups. There is no limit on the number of participants in a group entry. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

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